Blog-2: Network Infrastructure & Call Basics

RIL acquired 95% stake in IBSL soon after the latter acquired a pan India 4G license (22 circles). IBSL had bought the spectrum for 12,750cr way back in June 2010. If we consider a risk free interest rate of 7.5%, RIL is losing on an opportunity cost of close to whopping 2.5 crores a day,Continue reading “Blog-2: Network Infrastructure & Call Basics”

Blog-1: 4th Generation Mobile Telephony

As someone who has been only 8 months into telecom, writing a blog with the purpose of educating others is a little audacious. I intend to learn first. What follows is a mix of research and field experience that I have gained as a part of my job. An investment of over 70,000 crores. OpticalContinue reading “Blog-1: 4th Generation Mobile Telephony”