This is the image of agarose gel electrophoresis performed after DNA isolation from human blood samples. DNA carries a negative charge because of its phosphate backbone. The samples are loaded at the cathode and DNA migrates from cathode (+ve) to anode (-ve) when placed in an electric field.

DG genomic dna isolation [20-04-2015]-003

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This picture was taken when I was coming to Hyderabad for the first time. For my internship. I was travelling alone. I was bored. So I clicked a few pics. It’s not exactly the type of motion that is explained in this topic description but it is the motion of the flight anyways.

IMG_20140819_161024     IMG_20140819_160442

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

The weirdest dreams I have had till date

This list is quite funny. But these are the weirdest dreams I have had till date.

  • As a little girl, I was obsessed with Shahrukh Khan [Famous Bollywood actor]. I told my father to ask him to meet me. Every day when my father returned from office I used to ask him if he got him for me. He used to say, “No darling he’s busy.” One night I dreamt, he in his tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam [song from “DDLJ” movie] get up, barged into our house and stole my johnson’s baby toothbrush. That was the end of my liking for him.
  • Very often I dream that I am surrounded by big fat black buffaloes with big horns and they are poking me from all sides. Then I get furious and become very strong in no time. I grab the buffaloes by their horns and throw them up in the sky like balloons and they just vanish.
  • My college gets attacked by terrorists. Everyone is running like crazy to save themselves. But then one terrorist shoots me and I fall down senseless. And when no one’s around, I get up, remove the bullet, and run again like nothing ever happened.
  • We are having a party on the terrace. Somebody pushes me off the terrace and I land on the bed face down just in between my mom and dad. I see this dream quite often and I wake up with a jerk always.
  • Either I have become bald or I have hair like Rapunzel’s.

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Polite Company

I disagree with the statement. It’s actually a good idea to discuss sensitive topics like religion or politics with people you don’t know. This I say from personal experiences.

With people you don’t know, you can talk, discuss and debate on any topic and just forget about it in the end. You can just give your point of view, discuss on it and be done with it. But with people you know, it’s not always a healthy discussion. Somehow, the emotional sentiment attaches to it.

I remember this one time a friend of mine insisted we have a discussion over the existence of God (He always suggested that some sort of discussion/debate is better than general talks but I never enjoyed it neither do i have much idea about politics). So, the discussion started but it ended as a fight. This cold war continued for days where the interaction between us consisted of comments, weird eye-glances, murmuring of words, etc.

A couple, for example, from different religions are talking about their lifestyles. What’s considered sacred for one is considered a taboo for the other. Both are trying to justify why it is done what is being done. At the end of the discussion, if both are strong enough to put this behind them and move further, fine. Worst case, ego clashes, and staying with the same person under one roof.

I feel debates and discussions should be done on a public forum where all are strangers. There’s no point in including a personal element in the discussion and hampering your own mental peace.

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Blog-2: Network Infrastructure & Call Basics

RIL acquired 95% stake in IBSL soon after the latter acquired a pan India 4G license (22 circles). IBSL had bought the spectrum for 12,750cr way back in June 2010. If we consider a risk free interest rate of 7.5%, RIL is losing on an opportunity cost of close to whopping 2.5 crores a day, forget the fact that funds may be raised through debt. On top of this RIL will have to follow a minimum roll-out obligation of 90% of service area within five years of acquiring spectrum which turns out to be Aug 2015. The vision of Digital India proposed by Sh Modi is also heavily dependent on how quickly and with what stability the network is rolled out. Traditionally RIL has launched big initiatives on Sh Dhirubhai’s birthday (28th Dec) but it seems too late this year. We speculate a Diwali launch.

In my last write-up, I covered briefly the history of telecom in India. We discussed different generations of mobile telephony in detail. I ended with a brief comparison between 4G and the rest of the technologies. In this write up we will continue with the comparison but a little later. First we will look at what constitutes a telecom network both from an infrastructure and architecture point of view. We will discuss the architectural similarities between 2G and 4G network and conclude by understanding the mechanism of a phone call in a 2G network.Continue reading “Blog-2: Network Infrastructure & Call Basics”

Blog-1: 4th Generation Mobile Telephony

As someone who has been only 8 months into telecom, writing a blog with the purpose of educating others is a little audacious. I intend to learn first. What follows is a mix of research and field experience that I have gained as a part of my job.

An investment of over 70,000 crores. Optical fibers running up to 125,000 km and more than 35,000 Own built towers. Such is the sheer scale of the upcoming 4G project by a certain private player in India. For a company which has traditionally built plants and factories in few select locations, this is a different ballgame. However, the firm has had experience in Telecom industry. About 14 years ago, they started their first telecom venture. This time around they are making it bigger and better. It is a massive project.

This topic of 4G in India is so huge that I can start anywhere I like and write endlessly. But I’ll try to remain focused in my approach. This piece will deal with the history of Telecom in India followed by the different generations of telephony. Once we get a fair idea of 4G we will touch upon network basics and the kind of infrastructure that is required to maintain such a complex network. We will finish off with the business basics in this industry.Continue reading “Blog-1: 4th Generation Mobile Telephony”

Travelling back in time: India

Life is busy. Tall buildings, luxurious bungalows, automatic cars adorn every street in the city. Modern age technology is used in every field.

But there used to be times when things were different.

People lived happily and luxuriously but there was poverty in many regions.Mother-Child-Index-India-001

Fields were ploughed manually by farmers and bullocksAVN_SOYABEANS_174728e

 A thousand rupee note used to look like this1000-indian-rupee-note-front

 A culturally diverse country with mainly rural, traditional and agrarian population, it underwent many political, economic and social changes


This exhibition will display the life and culture of the people, a hundred years back.

Come join me as I take you to the times your great grand fathers experienced.

Date: 14th-17th May, 2115

Venue: The World Heritage museum

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