Local: My Village

This is a typical village in the state of Odisha, India.

The entrance to my village home.


The kuchcha roads


The tube-well

When I was a kid, I used to spend summer vacations at my village. I love this place. Me and my sister carried small vessels on our waist and brought water from this very tube-well. In earlier days, there were no water filters. Ground water was used for bathing and drinking.


The kitchen area

There was no gas cylinder or cooking stoves. Food was cooked using wood and on these make-shift clay stoves called chulhaa. And trust me on this, the food used to have an unique and amazing taste with a little smoky flavor.

This is where my father grew. This is where my mother came to her in-laws house after her marriage. This is the place which I used to visit for at least 2 months in a year. But as I grew up I couldn’t visit for even once a year. I yearn to go back to this place. This is one of the places I love. This is where my heart is.

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4 thoughts on “Local: My Village

  1. Lovely to get to know the village where you grow up. It sounded like such a simple life back then, carrying just the water you needed back home, cooking food the old fashioned way and I’m guessing you had to be patient for the food to cook. Hope you get to back soon at some point. You never know 🙂 I used to grow up in Malaysia and although my family and I lived in a terrace house, sometimes we had no water because of water rationing and we had to take our buckets and collect water from the water truck each day. Memories 🙂


    1. Yes, it used to take a lot of time for food to be cooked. But you know it was fun. It wasn’t like we had an independent house. My grandpa’s siblings, their children, my cousins, we all used to stay together. If one family cooked rice, the other family cooked the veggies. And veggies, fresh from the garden. Rice, grown in our own fields. I could go on talking about it and it still wouldn’t finish 🙂 It was amazing there.

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