I will list a few superstitions that are prevalent in India (my family included)

  1. Cutting nails and hair on Saturdays bring bad luck. Hence, mom used to cut my nails on Fridays because Saturday was a nail-check day in school.
  2. If a black cat crosses your path, then your tasks get delayed. Hence, whenever a poor cat who was just going somewhere, unaware of how unlucky it is considered by humans, crosses our path, we are supposed to take seven steps back and then again start moving.
  3. The curse of 8. If you’re ruled by the number 8, then you will face a lot of hardships in life. Aaaaand my birthday is on 8th August. Imagine my condition on my birthday in the year 2008. The date was 08-08-08. To add to my woes, the Hindi news channels were going nuts over how destructive this day can be along with their visual and sound effects. My mother didn’t let me out of the house that day *frustrated*

There are many other superstitions that people believe blindly. All these things never bothered me much until one stupid superstition affected me personally. My grandpa was on his deathbed. Though he couldn’t recognize anybody, I just wanted to see him once. I was in a different city. My whole family was with him. When I told them I was coming everybody gave all sorts of ‘valid’ reasons to prevent me from coming there. Eventually I agreed and din’t go. And he passed away. After his rites and rituals were over, I came to know that they didn’t let me come because I was recently engaged and I shouldn’t be coming to an ‘impure’ event. I was taken aback, I yelled at my family. But the fact was everything was over. I wished I hadn’t been engaged or even better, I wished my family had used some brains. Because of one useless, brainless belief, I couldn’t meet my grandpa for the last time.

Superstition is no more a belief, it has become a habit. It has crept up peoples’ minds and has found itself a permanent place there. You can try all you want to convince people but where there is fear, there will be superstition. Until you stop fearing you can’t get rid of this habit.

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