Through my eyes

I am someone whose mind never rests. I don’t remember a time where I had absolutely nothing on my mind. Not every thought of mine is useful or productive. Most of them are crazy or don’t exist. I am way too emotional and up to the extent that I get restless if somebody is hurt remotely due to me. And I do care about what people think of me. I seriously wish for moments when my head is clear and free of any sort of thoughts.

Writing is my way of venting my thoughts, my emotions and a trial at clearing my head. I like observing people. Random people I meet on my way. And weaving stories around their expressions. If I could just capture the emotions of every single person and write a story behind it, I would. I have traveled on buses from the starting station till the end just to observe people. Although it would be quite creepy if I get caught someday staring at random people. But till date I have been lucky.

I believe everyone has a different story to tell. We don’t know their perspective but what if we actually could know it.

The other day, I was with my friends enjoying my coffee break at work. Few of my friends were having puff pastries. After finishing, they jerked the remnants off their clothes. And then I saw this:

IMG_20160331_174445-001This crumble was of no worth to us but this ant surely had something to party. I was just imagining what would be like in his world. Maybe he will go and tell his friends “Yo dudes! Party at my place tonight” or “My girl is gonna be so happy. I will take her on a surprise date.”

When I told my friends about this, they had a pretty good laugh at me and I was deemed crazy but it doesn’t hurt to be fun, you see.

I am an amateur at writing and photography and the purpose of this blog is to improve at both.

P. S. My friend stamped on the poor ant’s food or else he would be having a hell of a party tonight!

The Daily Post: Discover Challenge: “PERSPECTIVE


3 thoughts on “Through my eyes

  1. Party-pooper, that’s what your friend is! 😛 😀 Some solace, the ant was spared 😀 😀
    Lovely, interesting perspective. Love it..

    Liked by 1 person

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