If she were mine..

“If she were mine, she wouldn’t be seeing this day”, said Akhil.

He sat beside the hospital bed holding Shaila’s hand, tears welling up in his eyes.

Anant was standing by the window, head hung in disappointment.

“I would have kept her like a princess all my life.” he continued “I was ready to take the commitment. But it was my ill fate that she chose you over me. How could you let this happen to her?”

“I was scared of the commitment”, said Anant in a feeble voice. “It was all of a sudden and I never thought that she would take such a step.”

Shaila was a quirky and bubbly girl. She and Anant were in love during their college days. But after college, they moved to different cities for their jobs. They grew apart and eventually broke up. Then she met Akhil. He was everything she had ever hoped for. They dated for a year.

Then one day, Akhil proposed. She looked puzzled and asked him if he was sure. Akhil knew everything about Anant and that she misses him sometimes. He smiled and said he couldn’t be surer about anything else. Shaila said yes. They got engaged.

Everything was going good but somewhere, her heart still yearned for Anant. She thought it was unfair to Akhil. After all he is such a great guy and he accepted her after everything. She decided she will confess.

Scared, she told Akhil everything that was in her mind. He was heart-broken. He mustered up courage and asked her if she wants to go back to him. She said she wants to give it a try. Akhil broke down and sobbed furiously. She hugged him for one last time and handed over the ring to him.

But Anant turned out to be a wretch. He plainly said no saying he doesn’t want to see her ever again. Unable to take the rejection, she locked herself in her room and slit her wrists. Her friends found her when a lot of blood had been lost.

“I can’t see her like this”, said Akhil. And he went out of the room.

After sometime, the doctor informed her family that she is out of danger and back to her senses. He said she wants to speak to Akhil and Anant. Both of them went inside the room. Seeing her, Akhil got emotional. He sat beside her.

Shaila held his hands and smiled at him. She looked at Anant and said,”It was the biggest mistake of my life that I even thought of going back to you. Well, it wasn’t your mistake wholly. I should have asked first but you could have been a little nicer. I guess you have better things to do. Please leave.” As Anant was turning towards the door, she called out to him,” And never.. ever.. show me your face again.” With a terrible look on his face, Anant left.

She slowly turned her face towards Akhil and said,”You know people sometimes do stupid things. And you know what should other people do with them?”

“What?” asked Akhil.

“Forgive them.”, she said with a smile. “I am really sorry I put you through this. Can I have my ring back please?”

With a crooked look, Akhil said,”Huh, do i have a choice?”






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