Call disconnected.

“But it’s your dream job,” said my grandma “Don’t miss the interview. I will manage”

“No, I won’t leave his side until he is well and moving”, said my grandpa on seeing his son down with fever.

30 years later,

“Brother please come to see father or at least send some money”, said my aunt “We need to admit him.”

“Can’t you keep him on painkillers for just two months? My daughter’s board exams are approaching. I will be there after that.”

“But her exams are in 21 days. And you are in the same city. He needs an immediate surgery or the doctors say he won’t be able to walk ever again.”

My uncle said, “Try to understand, I don’t want any sort of disturbance for her. I am sure you all will manage.”

Call disconnected.


5 thoughts on “Call disconnected.”

  1. Please tell me this is fiction. Else, I’ll go punch your uncle in the face. 😮
    But, jokes apart, this is the sad state of affairs for a lot of elderly people. Uncared and unwanted. 😦
    Impactful and powerful story. Thanks for sharing with us.


    1. Haha! Yea my uncle made a harsh statement regarding this though not this bad. I wrote this out of frustration as to how can one say such things about his dad. Although he realized it later but we couldn’t save grandpa despite all our efforts.


      1. 😦 Sorry to hear about your loss.
        Your last line reminded me how we had lost my grandmom. My uncle and his wife didn’t have time at all. By the time, they realized something was wrong and they needed emergency help, she was beyond saving. They lost her en route. 😥
        Sorry, about hijacking your comment thread. Got carried away! (It’s been 6 years and yet I’m still not over it , I guess!)


      2. It’s completely fine. I understand what you must be going through. It is difficult to accept that your whole life you’re with a person and suddenly you won’t be seeing them anymore. I feel terrible when I think of visiting my village and grandpa won’t be there with his arms wide open laughing and calling out my name.


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