The Castle

Written for Mondays Finish the Story!


Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island” said Jay.

“And even fewer know about the secret it holds. It is said that centuries ago the princess of the castle killed herself. She was madly in love with the royal gardener but the king, her father didn’t approve of their relationship. He had the gardener beheaded. Traumatized, the princess committed suicide to meet her lover in afterlife.”

“Even now sometimes one can hear the echoes of the princess singing through the forests when she dances around in the castle in joy of meeting her lover. They say if a couple, truly in love reach the castle alive, crossing the dense forests and rivers, they become inseparable and their love stays till eternity.”

“This is utter non sense”, said Rahul, making his way through the forest. “I am telling…”

His voice was silenced by a shrill female voice that seemed to come from the top of the hill.


10 thoughts on “The Castle

  1. Your narration is so beautiful. I like the way in which you have presented your story. The flow of your thoughts is perfect and it is such a nice take on a prompt 🙂


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