I hate this shop, this dark and gloomy shop. Same old boring faces every day. This is not what I had signed for. My life is anything but interesting. What do I do!

Woahh.. What’s this beautiful smell!? Ah, it’s her. Oh god! I hope she doesn’t catch me staring at her. I am just not able to take my eyes off her perfect ivory skin. My heart just melts looking at her metallic rose tinted cheeks.

Wait! Why is she coming towards me!? Oh God, No! No! Is she really gonna sit beside me!? Oh yes, She is! I should say something. Or should I just stay quiet!? Her soft skin is touching my skin. I think my heart just skipped a beat.

I just want to look at her and say, “I love the feathery touch of the soft frilly fabric on you against my skin. The white beads that lay coyly on you, adorns your body like pearls in the ocean. Oh, I so envy those exotic flowers that touch your smooth skin. I know, I know, you’re way out of my league. I am just a simple, crazy hat who’s head over heels in love with you.” I wish I had the courage to tell you that.

Why am I acting like a doofus! I will talk to her today, definitely. I will be like, “Hey Hattie, How u doin!”…….. Nah! I can’t pull that off. What am I thinking! I will be like, “Yo babe! Wanna go out with me!”….What am I, nuts!? What am I gonna say to her….

Wait, where are you taking her!? She just came here. Hey you dude, handle her gently or I am gonna break your hands! Did you just throw her on the ground!? Ohhhh… You’re gonna pay for this!

I wish I could come into life and snatch you from the world Hattie. I would take you in my arms and kiss you and make you forget all the pain that you go through every single day. But I guess I will have to sit here and wait if I am lucky enough to get you back or watch someone else take you away from me.

In response to Pic and a Word Challenge.

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