Polite Company

I disagree with the statement. It’s actually a good idea to discuss sensitive topics like religion or politics with people you don’t know. This I say from personal experiences.

With people you don’t know, you can talk, discuss and debate on any topic and just forget about it in the end. You can just give your point of view, discuss on it and be done with it. But with people you know, it’s not always a healthy discussion. Somehow, the emotional sentiment attaches to it.

I remember this one time a friend of mine insisted we have a discussion over the existence of God (He always suggested that some sort of discussion/debate is better than general talks but I never enjoyed it neither do i have much idea about politics). So, the discussion started but it ended as a fight. This cold war continued for days where the interaction between us consisted of comments, weird eye-glances, murmuring of words, etc.

A couple, for example, from different religions are talking about their lifestyles. What’s considered sacred for one is considered a taboo for the other. Both are trying to justify why it is done what is being done. At the end of the discussion, if both are strong enough to put this behind them and move further, fine. Worst case, ego clashes, and staying with the same person under one roof.

I feel debates and discussions should be done on a public forum where all are strangers. There’s no point in including a personal element in the discussion and hampering your own mental peace.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Polite Company.”


One thought on “Polite Company”

  1. Very True… Talking to strangers keeping your point and trying to proove your point whether win or loose who cares, atleast tried to proove but with friends and colleagues… better not to discuss lol!


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