Travelling back in time: India

Life is busy. Tall buildings, luxurious bungalows, automatic cars adorn every street in the city. Modern age technology is used in every field.

But there used to be times when things were different.

People lived happily and luxuriously but there was poverty in many regions.Mother-Child-Index-India-001

Fields were ploughed manually by farmers and bullocksAVN_SOYABEANS_174728e

 A thousand rupee note used to look like this1000-indian-rupee-note-front

 A culturally diverse country with mainly rural, traditional and agrarian population, it underwent many political, economic and social changes


This exhibition will display the life and culture of the people, a hundred years back.

Come join me as I take you to the times your great grand fathers experienced.

Date: 14th-17th May, 2115

Venue: The World Heritage museum

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From the Collection of the Artist.”

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